Art, Surfboards and Rock ‘n’ Roll !!

On Wednesday the 9th of March Noosa Longboards had the towns entertainment needs covered by hosting a night of rocking tunes, cold beverages, and ‘Beach Goth’ art!
The doors opened at 7 and the crowd flooded in to grab an ice cold Salty Dog, spin a yarn or two, and admire some original pieces by local artist and all time noserider Jai Lee. Jai’s art invites you into a weird and wonderful world where the typical bright and sunny beach scene is replaced with black suns, eerie tree’s, witches and bones.
Pat Capocci decided it was time ramp things up shortly after when he grabbed his guitar and took a hold of the microphone. In no time the entire place was rocking to Pat’s rockabilly tunes which made for a seriously cool groove, sing along, and general good time vibe in the intimate store space.
The cold brews, good times, art, and rock ‘n’ roll carried on strong until a modest hour of the night but the memories will carry on for a while longer.
Thanks to everyone who came down and made this event such a success, we look forward to seeing you all at the next one!


Stokefest # 4 – February 2016

Noosa main beach played host to the 4th annual STOKEFEST! This year we were thrilled to have Sally Parkin from the Original Surfboard Company visit all the way from the U.K. Sally and long time Noosa local and world renowned shaper Tom Wegener talked about the history of the wooden belly board and how surfing evolved. We then hit the beach for a fun day of belly board competition and above all else lots of fun! Enjoy Stokefest # 4


Stokefest 2016 – Events Guide

Wednesday 3rd Feb 2016 6pm Noosa Longboards Hasting st store

Sally has been responsible for the resurgence of classic wood bellyboards in the UK as well as uncovering their amazing history. During WWI the diggers were in the trenches talking about the best things in life and surfing was on the top of the list. From the 1920s, 30s, 40s, and 50s The bellyboard transformed UK beach culture, fashion, tourism and attitudes. Long before fins were on foam boards, tens of thousands of UK surfers charged the Cornwall breakers on wood bellyboards. Why? Because it was fun,and it still is REALLY FUN!!!

Local surfboard maker Tom Wegener shares Sally’s enthusiasm for wood bellyboards and will join Sally at Noosa Longboards with his extensive collection of bellyboards from Papua New Guinea, old Japan, Brazil, and California! Come join Sally and Tom as they talk story at Noosa Longboards Store, 2/55 Hastings St, Noosa Heads, Qld 4567 – Complimentary refreshments and nibbles

Sunday 7th February 2016 from 8am Noosa Main Beach, Beach access 14

Join Sally, Tom and the Noosa Longboards team at Noosa Main beach (beach accress 14) for the 4th annual STOKEFEST, a  morning of belly boarding fun, Bring your board or just bring yourself, there will be a large selection of boards to try, both old and new. As in previous years a light hearted contest will be held with prizes! Details will be decided on the day. Come along and have fun! – Complimentary Sausage sizzle!




new book by Phil Jarratt, now avaialble in store tells the story of the iconic Duke Kahanamoku as he made his first trip to Australian shores and brought surfing to us all….

a great read. a must have for historians, purists, romantics and surfers.


its that time of year again.

on the 22nd Dec we will be holding our annual STOKEFEST, in conjunction with Tom Wegener Surfboards, its a informal bodysurf/finless contest, use your body, use a belly board, use your hand plane, or alaia or albacore or whatever you have made at home….

winners will be those deemed to be the most stoked.

from 7am, noosa main beach, by the groyne. taking names down for the contest is at 8am.

its gunna be very similar to the pipe masters, hoping kelly and mick turn up.

stokefest 2013 finless competition by noosa longboards and tom wegener surfboards

Launch Party

Noosa Longboards, noosa, hasting st, tom wegener, surfboards, Launching our new 2013/14 range, in store, noosa heads, australia.

the anticipation grew, the mood was set, we opened our doors fifteen minutes late to a sea of eager dudes and gals. before long the store was brimming and the band was playing, everyone was having a very nice time! free popcorn and beer for all.

Hobo magic, noosa longboards, noosa, hasting st, surfboards, live music from Hobo Magic. local young upstarts, doing the thing they do best and doing it very well indeed. drew a crowd, got them stomping their feet on the dusty wooden boards.

noosa longboards, noosa, hasting street, tom wegener surfboards, alohaNL loiterer, lifeguard and part time model (unpaid) parrish watts, throwing the all knowing grin, safe in the knowledge that he’s in the right place at the right time….or maybe just excited about the prospect of free beer.

IMG_7576popcorn and beer…..

thanks for coming, if you missed it too bad, see ya at the next shin dig.

Welcome to the new Noosa Longboards Website

Noosa Longboards – surfboards, aloha, rock ‘n’roll.

For over 20 years we have been at the upper echelons of kool, Now we have a new website, now we have a new range. Hold onto your hats ladies and gentlemen, hold them tight….

Our clothing range, whether it be organic, fair trade, carbon neutral tees without looking hippy or our team boardshort, in shop colours, straight outta the sixties (with modern features and comfort), we have it all, for all.

We pride ourselves on making clothes for the masses, the masses that understand, the masses that get IT…..get that IT is all you need, get that IT is surfboards, aloha, rock’n’roll….