Launch Party

Noosa Longboards, noosa, hasting st, tom wegener, surfboards, Launching our new 2013/14 range, in store, noosa heads, australia.

the anticipation grew, the mood was set, we opened our doors fifteen minutes late to a sea of eager dudes and gals. before long the store was brimming and the band was playing, everyone was having a very nice time! free popcorn and beer for all.

Hobo magic, noosa longboards, noosa, hasting st, surfboards, live music from Hobo Magic. local young upstarts, doing the thing they do best and doing it very well indeed. drew a crowd, got them stomping their feet on the dusty wooden boards.

noosa longboards, noosa, hasting street, tom wegener surfboards, alohaNL loiterer, lifeguard and part time model (unpaid) parrish watts, throwing the all knowing grin, safe in the knowledge that he’s in the right place at the right time….or maybe just excited about the prospect of free beer.

IMG_7576popcorn and beer…..

thanks for coming, if you missed it too bad, see ya at the next shin dig.