Cost of Parcels

Parcel postage prices are calculated on three factors: The size and weight of your parcel, the distance it has to travel, and how soon you would like it to arrive at its destination.

Cubing policy for Parcel Post and Express Post card rate services:

For parcels over 1kg that are square or rectangular in shape, Australia Post will assess charges according to their actual weight or cubic weight equivalent, whichever is greater. The cubic weight is the parcel’s volume in cubic metres multiplied by 250. Australia Post reserves the right to also apply cubic charges to a parcel weighing less than 1kg, and to parcels that are irregular or cylindrical in shape.

Several Parcel Post services are available to suit your needs:

Regular Parcels – Road service for parcels weighing up to 20kg throughout Australia.
Express Post Parcels – Guaranteed next business day delivery for parcels up to 20kg delivered within the Express Post Network.

Small Parcels – Road service for parcels weighing up to 500g. These parcels have a fixed price:
Upto 250g Regular Parcel $4.35 Express Post Parcel $8
Jacob Regular Parcel $5.60 Express Post Parcel $8

Prepaid Parcel Post satchels – Parcel Post prepaid satchels offer senders a convenient, no-fuss way to send parcels anywhere within Australia. The satchels are available at a fixed postage price in two handy sizes – 500g and 3kg.

Parcel Post satchels can be posted at most red street posting boxes. Alternatively, the satchels can be mailed over the counter at any post office.